Major Research Project(MRP) For The Year 2014-15

The University Grants Commission will pr ovide support to perm anent/regular, working/retired teachers in the Universities and Colleges (Under Section 2(f) and 12 B of UGC Act, 1956) only.

The permanent teachers working in self financing In stitutions [Self financing colleges subject to fulfilment of conditions stipulated in the UGC (Fitnes s of Instit ution for grant Rules, 1975) and subject to the condition that fees charged by such colleges are in accordance with the State/University fee regulations or as laid down by any law in force also eligible to apply under the scheme.

A teacher, working or retired can avail only one project/ scheme of the UGC at any given time. The one, which is offered and accepted first irrespective of Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator, must be completed before the other offer is accepted. Failure to abide b y this rule shall make the Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator and the Institution liable to refund the entire amount paid by the UGC in all such schemes. They may be also debarred from participation in future UGC programmes. It would be the responsibility of the Principal Investigator/Co-Investigator and the host Institution for total accountability of the project. After completion of one project (date of finalization of accounts of the project). If a teacher desires to undertake another UGC project, a gap of one year will be necessary. The Principal Investigator should publish two papers in a reputed journal in the form of 3 Books/Article/Presentation in seminar etc. from the said project completed.

Retired teachers can apply under the scheme up to the age of 67 years and must have a Co-Investigator (Permanent Teacher) from the same Department, where the project is likely to be undertaken.

Only the teaching faculty of Library Science, Physical Education, Principals and Vice-Chancellors will also be eligible to participate in the scheme.

Colleges/Universities/ Institutions forwarding the proposal should have a dequate r esearch facilities.